I’m Cristina, a Sydney-based Industrial Designer and Product Developer from Barcelona.


I grew up near The Mediterranean and even though I love my land, I decided to move to Down Under four years ago with the intention of expanding both my personal growth and professional development. After this time, Australia has become my second home and it’s given me the chance to get to know very different ways of approaching life which undoubtedly have influenced me, not only personally but also in my career.


As a Designer, my passion focuses on the aesthetic design as well as prototyping. Being able to shape up and touch what I’ve previously sketched is one of the things that motivates me the most. However, I also delight in developing the product. In spite of being the phase where all possible issues seem to arise at the same time and having a headache per day feels inevitable, it’s also the most challenging point of the process. And for the record, I love challenges.


Back in Barcelona I worked in different design consultancies, being involved from the creative initial phase to the final manufacturing stage, always learning new things from my colleagues. I also started working on my own projects, something that I kept doing after moving to Australia.


Already in Sydney, I was fortunate enough to join a start-up immersed in improving current endovascular devices by creating a new technology based on an expandable hydrogel, as well as being part of one of the largest design consultancies in the country,

Design + Industry.


I have many projects in mind but one of the most important ones is to keep on being thrilled with this profession as the first day.

If you feel like digging deeper into my career path you can download my resume from the following link.