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Alhambra (La Rambla)

La Rambla is a set of ceramic household products aimed to expand the market of the local ceramic artisans of the town La Rambla, in the south of Spain. These artisans are very well-known by their lusterware products made with very detailed paintings.



The client wanted to expand their market by updating their products design since they noticed that they could not sell them out of their area because of their obsolete appearance. An important requirement of the project was to develop products that in some way conveyed the Andalusian culture, the region to which La Rambla belongs.



After doing an exhaustive research of the ceramic products market we had clear that two aspects had to be taken into consideration in future designs if we wanted to expand the market to other countries.

The first one was to create products which, aesthetically speaking, were suitable not only for people from Andalusia but also for people with different cultures. This meant objects with clear lines and simple but appealing aesthetic.

The second one was regarding the painting used for the enamelling art. We decided not only update the painting patterns but also limit the area where to apply them on the objects to increase its importance. It was very common for the client to apply the glaze all over the objects’ surface. However, after doing some research among purchasers, we found out that in their opinion, they were excessively ornate an aspect that, at the same time, prevent them from appreciating the excellent enameling work. 

Taking into consideration the previous points, I designed a coffee set inspired by the Nasrid period fountains of la Alhambra, the iconic palace and fortress complex located in Granada. The painting patterns were placed either at the base of some of its pieces or at the lid of the other ones.

Design: Cristina Borràs

Development: Cristina Borràs