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Air Chair is a pressure relief and mobile reclining chair for elderly and special needs users.

It has been designed and developed having in mind dependant patients who are confined to a chair for long periods of time and their caregivers.

These are some of the most important features of this chair:

  • Unique total surface air pressure system (in backrest, seat and legrest) provides proven pressure relief.

  • Completely adjustable for patient positioning, with ergonomic controls for caregiver.

  • Adjustable seat, backrest and legrest angles provide multiple seating and sleeping positions.

  • Adjustable and drop-down wings and armrests for easy side patient transfers.

  • Push handle and simple recline mechanism makes movement and operation safe and easy for the carer.

  • Special four-way stretch material covers user area and provides additional pressure relief and mitigates skin tear risks.

  • Water resistant to prevent liquid ingress.

  • Fire retardant.

  • Easy to remove covers for cleaning and replacement.

Design: D+I

Development: Cristina Borràs

Images: Cristina Borràs