Fina is a two-seat wooden foldable kayak designed for calm waters.


Design and development of a watercraft that could be stored in a small space. One of my self-requirements was to build it with a noble material such as wood instead of, for instance, fiberglass.



After a visit to Venice, Italy, the idea of building a kayak that could be stored in any house came to my mind. While walking through the city, my sister Belén, who was living there at that time, said to me how wonderful would be to have a boat to sail along the canals. The problem was the storage room needed to put it away. After this, I started thinking about it until I decided to make my own foldable kayak. One of the first premises of the project was to design and develop it using wood as main material since I simply could not visualize a plastic kayak along Venice canals. The result was a 5 meter length wooden watercraft for two people that turned into a 2 meter length boat after being folded, which allowed me to store it behind my car on my parking lot.

Design: Cristina Borràs

Development: Cristina Borràs

Prototyping: Cristina Borràs

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