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Hunter is a packaging specifically designed to contain a thrombus extraction catheter set.



The main goal was to design a packaging that eased the surgeons’ performance in an emergency situation. The client had many problems with the previous packaging (a plastic bag) in regards to the user experience since its instability would cause that the devices scattered over the operating table worsening the emergency situation. Sometimes they would also fall on the floor which meant the immediate catheter's discard because of sterilization issues.



The packaging designed was an unyielding thermoforming tray where all the components were tidily placed for an easy user experience. The four-point base allowed the surgeon to perform without having to be extremely cautious about the falling of any component. Additionally, some spaces on the thermoforming were created to have a very easy access to each and every device. The tray was finally thermosealed with a Tyvek paper lid that allowed the product to be sterilised by ethylene oxide sterilization process.

Design: Cristina Borràs

Development: Cristina Borràs