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Iso Girl

Iso Girl was a project carried on by a group of six students of the Design School of Barcelona for six months and subsidised and supervised by the Catalan Institute of Technology.



The aim of the project was to design, develop and build a motorized tricycle with an external structure as fairing.


After disassembling the engines of a regular tricycle and installing them on a very basic metal structure with wheels to see how they performed, we started developing the structural part of our vehicle. We had in mind to design a vehicle with all its details including indicators and stop lights which meant to be a hard and exhaustive electric and mechanical work. This led to the external fairing design stage which resulted in an ergonomic wooden structure that could be opened sideways. The final result was a motorized tricycle with brake and gas pedals which steering was controlled by a joystick placed in the middle of the vehicle which at the same time had all the controls of the lights for an easy user experience.


Design, development and prototyping:

Annabel Alcázar

Giovanna de Ávila

Román Bianco

Marta Alonso

Ángeles López

Cristina Borràs.



Joan Sunyol