Palma is a set of ceiling, wall and floor lamps.



Design of a set of home lamps that could be manufactured with the repetition of one part.



The different types of lamps were created by adding more or less units depending on its final function (wall or ceiling lamp). I wanted to recreate the unique lights and shadows that the sun creates when it passes through the leaves of a palm tree. Therefore, I built the lamp with the light bulb as the center of the object (as if it were The Sun) and surrounded by the “leaves” of the tree.

Even though the design was inspired by the palm trees of Barcelona, it turned out to be the wing of a dove for many people!

Design: Cristina Borràs

Development: Cristina Borràs and Jimena Martinez.

Prototyping: Cristina Borràs.

© 2018 by Cristina Borràs.