Stone and fire

Stone and fire is a set of concepts and design proposals of static and portable chimneys made with natural stone for a client that specialised in stone manufacturing processes.


To create different concepts of chimneys, having a bioethanol burner as the central object of the project.


The final result were different concept proposals that included two built-in chimneys designed with just one part to reduce manufacturing costs, a portable chimney that apart from heating up a small room, also heated stones placed on the top in order to grab one to warm your hands up in a cold winter day, and finally a heated coat rack where to hang clothes to warm them up.

Not only we developed these different concepts but also did some experiments to see how the fire would affect the stone´s structure, the actual time needed to warm it up with a bioethanol burner and the maximum temperature reached.

Concepts: Cristina Borràs

Design: Cristina Borràs

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