Thalassa is a furniture, fountains and mosaics collection aimed to spas and wellness centers and made with different types of stone and marble.



The client, a technology center specialized in stone manufacturing processes which, at the same time supported local stone manufacturers, wanted to expand their market in Europe by creating a whole new concept based on natural stone products in order to distinguish themselves from their direct competitors.


A 40 piece furniture, fountains and mosaics collection inspired by the traditional gardens and cherry blossoms native to Japan. The aim was to create a set of products that would inspire a sense of serenity and well-being to users. An aspect that was taken into consideration from a design standpoint was the heavy presence that a big object such as a chaise longue produced with stone may have. To minimise this, every product was created with the repetition of one part that was designed to leave an empty space between parts in order to create a sense of lightness. Moreover, this also helped to the manufacturing and installation processes since the production of big stone parts would have been extremely costly for the customer.

Design: Cristina Borràs

Development: Cristina Borràs and I-Mas team.

© 2018 by Cristina Borràs.