Endovascular valves

The design and development of endovascular valves is a project where I have been working for over two years. The pictures shown in this website are just a tiny example of the work developed side by side with the chemical and mechanical team of the company Endoluminal Sciences.


The main goal of this project was to create an aortic heart valve that, after being deployed on the damaged patient´s valve, was capable of sealing the perimeter of the calcification commonly found on this type of surgery to avoid any subsequent blood leakage. These leakages are the cause of many patient´s fatalities after placing the heart valve replacement. It is because of this that Endoluminal Sciences has been committed to solving this issue for a long time by developing a new technology based on an expandable hydrogel. Apart from the aortic heart valve division, we were also working on implementing this technology on valves that treat AAA disease (Abdominal Aortic Aneurism) which have totally different physical characteristics.


During the time I was in the company, we worked on developing the final valves that were suitable for final implantation in humans by doing biocompatible, fatigue and durability tests. Also short and long term in-vivo trials as well as mechanical properties tests of the materials used.


I was in charge of, among other things, designing every device used in these trials including valves and deployment systems, analysing the results and possible failures to address any possible issue and supporting the other two teams with their own tests by making different prototypes.